I love attending Lisa’s Zumba classes! In the past, I’ve struggled to find a form of exercise that I’ve been able to keep up however I’ve now been going to Zumba for 6 months and plan to continue. Working in an office 9-5, it can be very tempting to get home and crash out on the sofa, however I now find myself looking forward to Wednesdays and don’t have any problem finding the motivation to attend the class. During class, Lisa is extremely motivating and encourages us to push ourselves. I’m sure that I wouldn’t do half as much on my own, if she wasn’t at the front encouraging us! At the same time, I forget that I am exercising because I am having so much fun and love the choice of songs that we dance to.  Thanks to Lisa, I feel fitter, healthier and happier! For anyone considering Zumba, I’d say definitely go for it, it’s so much fun!
— Rebecca
I’m so glad I discovered Lisa and Paragon fitness-my life has truly changed! Right from my first class I knew I’d found something I would enjoy and stick at. Lisa’s warm and friendly style, and gentle encouragement have prompted me to challenge myself both physically and mentally. She has encouraged me to push myself to be the best version of me and I can really say that I am the fittest and happiest I’ve ever been!
— Catherine
Since starting Lisa’s Zumba classes in November my fitness has improved thanks to her energetic and friendly approach. Her classes are fun and full of encouragement to reach your own goals as is the outside class encouragement through email newsletters and Facebook. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone of any ability.
— Megan
Lisa’s Zumba classes are amazing. She creates a really positive and energetic atmosphere. I love going. PT sessions gave me confidence. Lisa tailors the sessions to your ability and pushes you to achieve your goals.
— Jodie S
I can’t recommend Lisa enough. She is a fantastic Personal trainer and class instructor. Her classes are fast moving, fun and energetic. As a personal trainer Lisa helped me stay as fit as possible during my pregnancy and then achieve weight loss alongside getting fit and healthy again after having my baby. She has made our weekly sessions fun whilst working hard, motivating and pushing me to do things I never thought I could do. Over the months I have seen fantastic results. Lisa really is a brilliant Personal Trainer.
— Zoe
I really look forward to my Saturday morning sessions with Lisa at ParkFit.  Each session is different and Lisa is quick to pick up on what works for a group or individuals and adapt her sessions accordingly.  Lisa herself is an inspiration to us all, she is living proof that with a combination of a positive attitude, stamina and sheer determination we can all achieve our own goals.  This is made all the more enjoyable by the camaraderie she encourages amongst her clients who keep coming back for more!
— Helen R
Sometimes you pop along to something to keep your friends happy. Just sometimes, if you’re really lucky you stumble on a gem. At a time in life where my fitness and personal goals had got a bit hazy, I was dragged to ParkFit & met Lisa. I truly feel the energy Lisa puts into her classes has generated enough enthusiasm and motivation to reschedule my fitness & personal life back onto a realistic and achievable track. I look forward to where the adventure will take me next. Thanks Lisa, bring on Snowdon!
— Emma C
I’ve been going to Lisa’s Wednesday Zumba class for four years and it’s absolutely fantastic. I look forward to an hour of brilliant routines, fantastic music and Lisa motivates you throughout the class. I’ve made lots of friends through the class too. Sadly, I’ve lost both of my parents during those four years and I believe Lisa’s classes have helped me through the sad days. I love going to our fun and crazy Zumba classes and look forward to Wednesdays and feeling like J Lo for an hour 😆 !!! Thank you Lisa xx
— Laura R
2 years ago I could barely  move following hip surgery when I was introduced to Zumba! Lisa’s classes are fun and the more effort you put in, the more you get from them. I’m fitter and more confident than I’ve been in years and I’ve made some great friends too!
— Karen P
Lisa’s Zumba classes are so friendly: she makes everyone feel welcome. She caters for a wide range of fitness levels and it’s always possible to work harder if you’re up for it. I’d definitely recommend it! 
— Amber
I just love Lisa’s Zumba classes. She is a really motivational instructor who shares something of herself and does everything she can to make sure everyone in the class has a great time whilst still pushing themselves. I feel Lisa really cares about us and she works hard to keep the classes fresh and enjoyable
— .  Clare
I am really enjoying Lisa’s Zumba. Her routines are great fun and I always come away feeling like I have been pushed (in a good way)  
— J