We’re realistic about how day-to-day demands can impact on your schedule so we have a menu of sessions for you to choose from:

  • Personal training sessions - Conducted in your gym, our personal training facility, a park or your home.
  • Couples personal training – training with a friend or family member can be motivational and fun feeding off each other’s energy and enthusiasm and can make the cost of the session more affordable.

Your personal training sessions will integrate a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep your body and mind challenged. This includes options such as cardiovascular, strength, mobility and stretching sessions and sports related activities to bring about positive change and keep the sessions fun and interesting. 

Typical goals that we cater for are:

  • General health, fitness, weight loss – who doesn’t want to be healthier and fitter, personal training is a great investment to realise your goals quicker and safer.
  • Wedding preparation – let us help you get into the dress of your dreams or wedding suit and feel confidant on the biggest day of your life so far.
  • Pre and post-natal - preparation, pelvic floors and pram strength!
  • Holiday preparation – allow us to help you attain that all important beach body for complete swim wear confidence.
  • Sport specific – weather you are participating now or plan to take up a sport we can assist you in improving your performance and reducing the risk of injuries to attain the peak performance that you desire, we have trainers that have competed and coached at international level.
  • Retirement and beyond – keeping you healthy and mobile now you have more time on your hands for you.
  • Clinical rehabilitation – if you are unlucky enough to be suffering from a clinical condition or an injury we can put in place a programme of rehabilitation to assist with your recovery. We work closely with a number of quality clinicians in the area for a complete care service.