'Bigger & Better - Fighting back against Parkinson's Disease' A new programme of therapy and exercise classes coming soon!

Paragon Health & Fitness has been working closely with Emma Bracher Occupational Therapy and we are proud to introduce a range of therapies and exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD)

The ‘Bigger & Better – Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease’ program will be introduced to South Warwickshire and the West Midlands by a team of therapists and fitness professionals, all of whom have Parkinson’s specific training, to support, enhance and improve the well being and quality of life of those with PD.

Whilst medication helps to treat the symptoms of PD, research has shown that exercise is the only way to slow the progression of PD. Along with Parkinsons UK, the Bigger & Better team are promoting exercise as medicine. Exercise can:

  • *Improve function for daily activity
  • *Increase confidence in movement
  • *Increase energy levels
  • *Increase strength, balance & stability
  • *Improve quality of life

Paragon Health & Fitness will be running a weekly Functional Circuits class – PD Warrior style!

£8 per session, plus a £35 yearly membership / assessment fee (covers you for all classes)

Chase meadows Community Centre, Warwick

Wednesday 1.30-2.30 (Start date TBC)

The class will incorporate the core PD Warrior exercises with traditional circuit training stations. There will be a strong focus on maintaining the size and quality of your movement. We will work on co-ordination, balance and endurance, to improve your overall function.

It is recommended, but not essential, that you complete the  ‘Bigger & Better’ 8 week program before you commence with the class - to give you a better understanding of the principles of moving  ‘bigger and better’.

All participants must have a balance and mobility assessment before starting, to ensure that classes are safe and suitable for you.

Please contact Emma on 07715 884255 to find out more or to get booked in for your assessment.