Zumbathon Fundraiser - Jacks Quest to Uganda with Camps International

I will be hosting my 3rd Zumbathon Fundraising event for Jack Oliver in his quest to raise £4200 for him to work on a Camps International Community, Environment and Conservation project in Uganda in July 2019. An opportunity of a life time, however a massive amount to raise.

Jack and his mum, Val, are regular class participants of mine and I have seen the pressure they have put upon themselves in order to raise this money. No matter how tired and challenged they have felt over the months, their determination is astounding. Any spare time, skills, jobs that they can do they have done!

So far they have raised approximatly 60% and still a way to go. the pressure is on and Val is feeling it a little more now that Jack is getting his head down to study for GCSEs.

With our support I am sure we can raise a bit more for Jack!

Get your tickets in class or contact me for more information.

Below is some Bio from Jack himself:

In February 2018 my mum and I attended the info evening re Camps International school trip to Uganda. It grabbed my attention as I’ve never done anything like that before and it sounded very challenging and rewarding. We noticed there was a significant sum to raise. After my mum went over the figures and details, it was apparent that my mum was not in a position to help me financially with this cause. A few years ago through my parents divorce, my mum lost pretty much everything and had to start from scratch for herself and also looking after me. She was very disappointed in herself that she wouldn’t be able to support me financially and re the fundraising, she was concerned about raising that amount just the two of us. After a long discussion with Dean from Camps International and a heart-to-heart between ourselves, we eventually decided to bite the bullet and start Fundraising. And what a journey it has been!!

In a nutshell, I started a Saturday job at the local Kia garage every week for 3 hours washing the forecourt cars, I have done leaflet runs, I have coached and helped out at the local tennis and holiday club, at the same time doing all my volunteering for DofE as well, I have trimmed fields, painted cast iron garden furniture, and worked with a local business man over the summer, learning so much about the outdoors etc, I have cleared orchards, dogsat for a whole month during the summer, did dog walking. My mum and me also do monthly indoor window cleaning days, where we book people in and clean their indoor windows. The E-Cloth company even helped us by sending 10 packs of window cleaning cloths in order for us to do that. My mum has also baked lots of cakes, which she sold at work or via Facebook which I then deliver. Some of our friends have sold my mums cakes at their work as well. On a Sunday morning my mum has been cooking cooked breakfasts, pancakes, waffles, etc sometimes for people we know and sometimes for people who get in touch via Facebook. We have done clothes sales, one boot sale, supermarket bag packing (which my mum did for me as I was on my DofE weekend). There are probably quite a few more things we have been doing, but we lost count to be honest. In a few weeks time we are doing another car boot sale, in a months time we are doing a Zumbathon (well, my mum is, I will do the speech and be the cashier) and in 6 weeks time we have a big Fundraising quiz organised. We have been donated so many fantastic raffle prizes, my mum was actually quite emotional about so many nice people that wanted to help me, us.

We have so far raised over half the amount we need to raise, in 6 months time, and there’s still 9 months to go. I have to be honest, both my mum and I weren’t sure on how to go about this, but we started straight away and we’ve both worked really hard, and we are now here at 60% of our goal. When Dean told us we could do it and we saw all the success stories on the gateway, we were still deep down a little worried, but now we are more determined than ever! I could’ve not done this without my mum and we’re probably the smallest team ever, on our own, in a single parent family, but I am truly proud of what we have achieved so far! So, it is true, no matter what situation you’re in, if you have the motivation and are willing to work, big things can be achieved. My mum has been saying that for years!

So, for everyone who is thinking that you can’t do it, you can, no matter what background, whether you are rich or poor or somewhere in the middle, it can be done definitely! Sometimes you might just need that little push to convince yourself, and should you need it, I hope you will read our story as it totally proves everyone can do it!!!

Kind regards and good luck to all my fellow Fundraisers, past, present and future!

Jack and Val Oliver

Sunday 14th October

Chase Meadows Community Centre, Warwick

9.30am - 11.30am (doors open at 9am)

Vals Homemade cakes and refreshments will be on sale.

Tickets £10 each


A link to Jacks Facebook page:


Jack & Val are also hosting a Family Quiz night on Saturday 20th October at Chase Meadows.