Lower back and hip pain - daily mobility routine

Many people in society are suffering from lower back issues and hip issues.  The main cause of this is due to automation and the amount of time we spend these days sitting down creating biomechanics issues and adaptive shortening in certain muscle groups, one of these the hip flexors and their associated muscles.  This can then create issues when we are standing and active.  

These issues can also be exacerbated by sports specific activities.  Although  sports specific training can be excellent for flexibility and mobility it also has its issues, especially if you are predominantly using one side of your body and not performing techniques equally on both sides of the body!  The hips can take quite a battering with the over use of the hip flexors during kicking activities as well as potential instability due to greater flexibility in this area and hyper-mobility and possible laxity.  This hyper mobility/laxity in turn will create bracing from other associated muscles to stabilise the joint but will eventually cause pain and immobility!

Try these excellent, easy to perform hip mobility exercises, incorporate them into a daily routine.